We're new around here and know there's going to be a lot of questions. If we left something off the list,  feel free to send us a note at The more, the merrier.

When will the venue open?

We are open! Hooray! 

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Where is the venue located?

You can find us at 1411 160th Street, Boone, Iowa.
We are conveniently located:
5 minutes from Boone 
15 minutes from Ames 
50 minutes from Des Moines  
50 minutes from Fort Dodge 

What is the venue capacity?


What is your alcohol policy?

Because we want your party to be fun, safe and stress-free, we will coordinate all alcohol and provide bartenders for your special event. 

What is your catering policy?

As long as your caterer is insured, they're welcome at The 1868 Farmhouse. 

Is there HVAC?

You bet! Although we're on a farm, the venue is not inside a barn. Our climate-controlled reception building will keep you and your guests cool in the summer and warm during Iowa's bitterly cold winter. 

Are setup and teardown included?

We mentioned we wanted this to be a stress-free weekend for you, right? We'll take care of setting up and tearing down all tables and chairs. If you use any of our rental decor (arches, vases, linens, candles, etc.), we'll handle those, as well. 

What is included with our rental?

Tables and chairs and linens, oh my! Check out our growing list of amenities here.  

Will wedding receptions be held inside the actual farmhouse?

Not quite. The bridal and groom suites are inside the farmhouse, but events and receptions will be held inside the reception hall, which is located just steps away. Couples will have access to the entire property during their rental period, Friday-Sunday. 

did we just become best friends?


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